Thursday , May 25 2017
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Yakub Memon’s execution plan

  • On July 30, Yakub will be woken up at 3:45 am and given a bath. He will also be given new clothes and will be allowed to offer prayers.
  • After that doctors will perform a medical check-up.
  • After some time, Yakub will be served breakfast.
  • Then he will be given religious books.
  • After that will be asked to take rest
  • He will be taken to the place of execution and will be informed about his crime.
  • Then his face will be covered using a black hood and hands will be tied backside.
  • Finally, Magistrate will signal the hangman to pull up the rope.
  • Cremation process will begin.

Early today:

  • Yakub spoke to guards before SC verdict.
  • Yakub wants to meet daughter.
  • Yakub said his hanging is politicised.