Friday , July 28 2017
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`Xcuse Me` star Sahil Khan to make BB9 wild card entry

New Delhi, Oct 20 : If you are wondering that who’s going to make the wild card entry in ‘Bigg Boss’ season 9 then the actor Sahil Khan will reportedly make the first wild card entry inside the Bigg Boss house.

The 38-year-old Bollywood actor was involved in many controversies like he was married to Norwegian actress Negar Khan who was deported from India to Norway in February 2005 for allegedly providing false documents to procure her work visa.

In addition to this khan was alleged by Jackie Shroff’s wife Ayesha Shroff in November 2014, claiming that he had duped her of more than Rs 8 crore, for which the actor said he was in a relationship with Ayesha, and she was making the allegations after they had a falling out.

In this regard Ayesha again accused Sahil of being gay, then after he submitted photographs that were allegedly of an intimate nature, after which they ended the legal battle and reached a settlement. (ANI)