Wednesday , July 26 2017
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World’s old Bible found in Central Turkey

The 51 pages,1,000 year old Bible was found in the central Turkish city of Tokat on Tuesday. It is not known where the Bible is originated from.

The police has seized the priceless book when they came to know that the book is going to smuggle. Turkey police arrested three men after catching them red-handed.

Police said that the book and its cover was widely damaged,but the pictures made of gold leafs with religious motifs inside the Bible were intact.

Last year an “Orphan Man, Standing,” an authentic oil painting by Vincent Van Gogh was found in Tokat in the boot of a vehicle owned by an artifact smuggler.

The world’s oldest bible is going to be displayed at London’s British Museum. Which is ‘Titled ‘Egypt: faith after the pharaohs’. Nearly 200 objects will be displayed on the Egypt’s religious evolution from the country’s integration into the Roman Empire in 30 BC to the fall of the Islamic Fatimid dynasty in 1171.