Sunday , May 28 2017
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IS women wing terrorising their own gender

London: Islamic State’s (IS) women terrorists are terrorising their own sex. They bite and whip any woman who steps “out of line” and force young girls to become sex slaves. About 60 of them are British, media reported.

Raqqa, the IS’s self-proclaimed capital, awash with IS terrorists, has turned into a place of barbarism, terror, torture and abuse and has over 100,000 women trapped
against their will, London based Daily Mail reported on Saturday.

There was a group of women who were jihadi brides from the West, including three schoolgirls from Bethnal Green, London, who reportedly fled to Syria to “marry jihadi fighters”.

Another group of women were the unfortunates kidnapped in enemy territory by IS fighters, taken to Raqqa, and imprisoned in a life of sex slavery.

All women were prohibited from travelling without a male relative. The IS has also imposed a strict dress code demanding that females cover their body.

A former Syrian school teacher while recalling her punishment said: “They (Al Khansa IS’s Women Wing) said my eyes were visible through my veil. I was tortured. They lashed me. Some of them bit me. They gave me an option between getting bitten or lashed.”

Some of the women terrorists also run brothels where kidnapped girls, ‘satisfied’ fighters returning from battle.

The IS terrorists beheaded men, raped women and then captured their trophies of war — virgins to be sex slaves or jihadi brides, claims the report.

The women were tied to a bed, injected with morphine to keep them “silent” and beaten so badly that they could not walk for two months.