Thursday , May 25 2017
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Women in Hollywood still have some ways to go: Sandra Bullock

Los Angeles: Academy-award winning actress Sandra Bullock says she is happy that Hollywood is opening up for more women oriented roles but feels they still have to struggle.

The upcoming movie, “Our Brand Is Crisis”, led by Bullock, 51, centres on a character, which was originally written for a man and loosely based on real-life political consultant James Carville, reported People magazine.

“There’s so much talk of that right now, and it’s getting heightened, which makes me very happy. What I’d like to comment on is the fact that I was able to say, ‘Would you be able to take a role that was written and that you guys have worked on and cherished a long time and change it to a female?’

“And there was not a lot of hesitation. The only hesitation was, can the writer do it? So that, hopefully, shows a shift in the climate for women in film. We still have some climbing to do,” she said.

The “Blind Side” star said she hoped that her comedy- drama film succeeds as it will make other studios consider making more movies for women.

“And hopefully, I mean, what would be very helpful was if this film has a level of success that makes the studio go, ‘Okay, this is a viable thing for us. We want to make more of this for women out there.’ Hopefully those worlds will come together.