Saturday , August 19 2017
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UP: Women candidates secure 186 seats in gram pradhan elections

Muzaffarnagar: Women candidates have won 186 seats out of 498 in gram pradhan elections in different villages of the district.

According to the election results, 20 women have been elected for gram pradhan seats in Sader Block, 16 in Purkazi Block, 27 in Khatoli block, 20 in Morna Block, 21 in Charthawal, 27 in Jansath, 19 in Shahpur, 15 in Baghra and 21 in Budhana.

Besides the 169 reserved seats, women were also elected in general seats yesterday.

As per the gram pradhan election data, 186 women and 312 man were elected in the district. Meanwhile, family members of accused criminals managed to secure victory in panchayat polls.

Wife of an absconding riot accused and mother of an accused killer were elected as gram pradhans in panchayat polls of the district.

Suman Devi, wife of riot accused Harender Singh, was declared gram pradhan of Mohammadpur Rai Singh village here yesterday after defeating Surem Devi by 250 votes, police said.

Singh was declared an absconder in a riot case in which three youths were murdered in 2013, they said.

Babli, mother of an accused who allegedly killed gangster Vicky Tyagi, was elected as gram chief of Bahawdi village here, police said. Tyagi was shot dead inside a court room here in February this year.