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Women are better leaders, says Kavitha

Hyderabad : Nizamabad MP Kavitha Kalvakuntla addressed 150 Young FICCI Ladies Organization(YFLO) members on “Women leading the future of India” here on Friday.

Speaking on the occasion, Kavitha said women outnumber men in literacy.  As many as 58 per cent world degrees are taken/earned by women.  Women have been leaving their marks in all the fields. Women must be agents of change.  Women have ventured into internet space and they influence 511Million US Dollars business of the e commerce said  Kavitha while addressing the YFLO gathering on Women leading the future of India.

Around world women are breaking rounds.  They are no longer show pieces.  Indian women are different from others.  While whole world was going through recession, our Indian PSUs(Public Sector Undertakings) were doing well. That is because Indian women save money and the money saved in PSUs strengthened them in tough time, she said.

Women reservations are leading to another peculiar problem of their husbands governing. They rule most of the times.  Probably we need to coin a new word, Sarpachpathi.  Women Equality is the term only found on papers, in reality, it is far away she said.

Women are better leaders, they bring in holistic approach to every issue, she said. Replying to a question why Telangana Cabinet doesn’t have a women minister, she said it is small cabinet. There were many factors to be looked into when cabinet was formed. Women couldn’t find role due to many factors. I feel sad and bad about it.  I am with on this issue, she replied.

Young FLO (YFLO) is a forum for the career women between 20 and 39.

Welcoming the gathering Samia Alam Khan, Chairperson of YFLO said Women of today are indeed very different from the generations before. They are living their truth, voicing their thoughts, nurturing an inner vitality, are ambitious and unafraid to dream and achieve. Though the society at large, both at home and office has not made the path of a woman’s destiny easy. And yet, she manages without compromising on her larger objective of life and dreams.

Speaking further, Samia Alam added that the difficulties in the form of systemic challenges and cultural barriers are present in various hues and forms across all levels; gender stereotyping and biases, political inequality, disparities in pay packages, lack of women safety, a hideously patriarchal culture, all come in the way of a woman’s journey to achieve and excel. We know and have seen that, a woman needs to work twice as hard to achieve the same degree of success as the opposite gender.

No country or state can ever become a self-assured, democratic and a free society if it cannot equip and empower their women to be fearless, liberated, free thinking and ambitious leaders because they are the ones who show every society its mirror. Yet we are optimistic that this is the century of the superwoman and that they will make a telling and impactful difference in times to come. I do believe, we, the women of this country have to be the agents of this change and the drivers of this movement… We have to become evangelists of our own destiny, said Samia

“Over the last couple of decades, we have taken some positive steps and made good in the right direction. All the remarkable women in this room and our chief guest in particular are living proofs of this metamorphosis. Yet this is not enough. We have a lot of work to do,” Samia reiterated

The multi-faceted Kavitha ji  is known to be very fond of arts and culture. Keen on making a difference in cultural, sports and youth affairs, she has been helping nurture budding sportsmen and women in the last few years. She heads the Indian Chapter of the International Delphic Council, a very prestigious organisation that unites people through sports, arts and culture.  She also writes for national & international journals and blogs regularly, Samia Alam informed.

As the founder- president of ‘Telangana Jagruthi, she works for uplifting the poor and the underprivileged in the Telangana region. She is also the founder -convener of – Forum for Democratic & Constitutional Rights of Telangana. Her focus though is centred on women’s empowerment, girl child education and health.

The Hyderabad Chapter of YFLO began its operations in the year2002 and has a membership base of about 400 members. Some of the services and activities of the FLO include: Personality Development, Awareness Programs, Training, Business Consultancy, Networking and Recognition. (INN)