Saturday , May 27 2017
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Woman inspector on duty plays cricket; lands in trouble

A woman inspector who played cricket in front of the police station during duty hours here has landed in trouble with a video of the ‘match’ going viral and a departmental enquiry being ordered into her conduct.

Police said Inspector Amudha Selvi saw her driver with a new bat he had purchased for his son and enquired about it. She played cricket with him and the youth brigade member in the street in front of the police station.

The video footage showed all of them playing cricket wearing uniform during night duty hours.

The Inspector is seen both batting and bowling.

A police officer who did not wish to be named told PTI it was common for people to try out a new bat or any other sports equipment and this been blown out of proportion by the person who recorded the event.

On coming to know of it, Ramanathapuram Superintendent of Police Mayilvahanan ordered a departmental enquiry today.

The driver has been transferred to the Armed Reserve Police, pending investigation against the Inspector.