Sunday , May 28 2017
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Woman in “Hijab” to be fined £6,500 in Switzerland

Switzerland: Govt. of Switzerland conducted a referendum in 2013 which empowers it to impose a fine of £6,500 if a woman is found to be wearing Hijab at public places likes shops, restaurants.

Swiss MPs approved a law that only applies to Hijab worn by Muslim women with no exceptions to tourists.

The Swiss Parliament is of the opinion that this law does not the federal law. The date of implementation of this law is not yet known.

Tourists visiting Ticino will be communicated this warning at airports and by customs officers at the Italian border that it is illegal for people to wear Hijab.


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It may be noted that France had already banned Hijab in 2010. Earlier, the penalty for violating this law in France was £35 which was increased to £150 later. It is important to mention that France has the largest Muslim population in Europe.

Last year, European Court of Human Rights rejected the plea of a British legal team to repeal the French legislation to ban Hijab.