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Woman Dies as Dupatta Gets Stuck in Bike, but Manages to Save Baby

Palghar: A 25-year-old woman died by strangulation as her own dupatta got stuck in the wheel of the motorcycle she was on with her husband and 10-month-old daughter.

While the incident eventually claimed her life, but she held her baby tight in her arms throughout and finally put her safely on the ground when the bike came to a halt.

As per report published in NDTV, the family was heading from their home in Aalevadi village in Boisar, Palghar district, to their native village, Dandi when the unpleasant incident took place.

The deceased, Pranali Dhanu, was riding pillion with her little daughter, Swara, on her lap, whereas her husband, Akash, was steering the bike.

At Navapur Naka, Pranali’s stole got tangled in the wheel while the other end got wrapped around her neck. She and Swara were dragged behind for approximately 15 metres before her husband realised what had happened.

Pranali was already being short of breath, but she makes sure that Swara should be out of harm’s way. She had held close in her arms the entire time. She places the girl on the ground only when the bike came to a halt did.

“Despite being dragged for such a distance, Pranali had a very tight grip around her daughter and held her tightly to her chest. She ensured that the girl did not receive a single scratch. Only after the bike stopped did Pranali keep her baby on the road,” said a police officer from Tarapur police station.

The supermom was hurried to a government hospital, where she was declared dead by strangulation.
“My wife is no more but she saved my angel, Swara. This incident is very shocking for my family. Since my wife and child were with me, I had been driving very carefully, but tragedy struck anyway.We was planning to have a grand celebration of my wife’s birthday on September 26,” Akash told mid-day.

Pranali and Akash got married four years ago against their parent’s wishes. They feel affection for each other since their school days. They had blessed with a 2-year-old son and the 10-month-old girl. Akash employed as contractual work at Tarapur, MIDC, until he lost the job.

A case of accidental death had been registered in the matter, said the police.