Thursday , May 25 2017
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Woman detained at India-Africa Summit venue

New Delhi: A woman, who was a “special invitee” at a programme at the India-Africa Summit in Indira Gandhi stadium here, was detained by the police after she allegedly walked into a restricted zone in the venue today.

Refusing to accept it a security breach, Delhi Police claimed the woman, who later turned out to be a journalist, carried a valid “Special Invitee” pass, issued by a special desk set up for media by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and she was subjected to thorough frisking, and scanning of her belongings, while she entered the premises.

“MEA had the provision to make passes for left over media persons, delegates and special invitees for which a desk was set up by XP division of the MEA especially inside gate No.

8-D, meant for entry of media persons and manned by MEA officials.

“The lady entered from this gate with a card over which a ‘Special Invitee’ was written. Therefore, she was allowed to enter the gate 8-D and subjected to thorough searching and frisking and screening of her belongings.

“On being spotted and stopped by a woman constable, as she was not carrying the appropriate pass, she was questioned.

Further, her addresses were verified and found to be true.

Thus, she was not a security threat. However, further facts are being examined,” said Delhi Police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat.