Monday , May 29 2017
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Woman deliver baby in the moving train

Chennai: 30-year-old Aruna was travelling alone in suburban train from Thiruvanchery to Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Egmore, for her regular monthly checkup.

She went into labour while the train was in motion. Her cries for help made her co-passengers alert and they rose to extend there help before paramedics. As she was more than an hour away from the hospital.

The passengers cleared the space made her lie down on the floor and helped her safely delivered her baby boy in the train.

One of the passenger alerted the hospital at Saidapet half-an- hour later they reached the Saidapet station. They waited for 10 minutes for the doctor and nurse to arrive.

Aruna was rushed into the 108 ambulance service to the Corporation hospital in Saidapet.

Aruna said.”Doctors said my due date was only on January 1. So I was completely unprepared when it happened.” Aruna’s husband Ramalingam works as a mason in Tambaram.

Doctors said the mother and the child are “She had minor bleeding, but that was attended to. The baby weighs around 2.5kg.”