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Will TDP Give up It’s Basic Ideology and Join Hands With Cong just for few GHMC Seats ?

Hyderabad: Will the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) give up its very basic principle and plank of ‘anti-congressism’ and join hands with the Congress for the sake of stalling the winning spree of the ruling TRS in Telangana State and bagging some seats in the ensuing GHMC and in the MLC elections ? Will the Nandamuri family members (Harikrishna, Balakrishna and Jr.NTR) and the supporters of late NTR meekly submit to the wishes of TDP supremo Nara Chandrababu Naidu, in case the latter takes a decision to join hand with the Congress? Will the BJP, which is having a truck with TDP, allow the latter to have an understanding with the Congress?
These are some of the questions being hotly debated in the political circles in general and in the TDP quarters in particular, of late. These questions assumed importance in view of reports which suggested that some of the Telangana TDP leaders have suggested to the party boss to enter into an electoral understanding with the Congress in Telangana State, to give a set back to the TRS in the coming MLC and GHMC elections. The T-TDP leaders are stated to have conveyed to Chandrababu Naidu that a proposal for TDP—Cong tie-up has come from some of the senior Congress leaders of Telangana.
While the TDP chief has not taken any stance in the matter so far, there is intense debate in party circle over the issue. While a section of the T-TDP leaders are of the opinion that some sort of direct or indirect understanding between the TDP-Cong and Left parties would yield the desired results to some extent, there are others who feel that such a tie-up goes against the wishes of the TDP founder NTR, and it was also absolutely not desirable. They also feel that such a decision would not be of any use, as the TRS is in a very strong position. In case of such an understanding, the TRS will get an opportunity to expose the unholy alliance and launch a scathing attack on the two parties (TDP and Cong) for bidding good-bye to principles and moral values, just with the motto of thwarting the onward march of the TRS by hook or crook, some sections feel.
What final decision will be taken in the matter is in the hands of Chandrababu Naidu, who himself is a bitter critic and opponent of the Congress party, right from the day he joined the TDP. In all probability, the TDP will decide the issue in the coming days. (NSS)