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Will Muzaffar Ali’s ‘Jaanisaar’ as ageless as ‘Umrao Jaan’?

New Delhi, August 6 : Bollywood director Muzaffar Ali’s come back movie ‘Jaanisaar’ is every now and then compared with his last epic movie ‘Umrao Jaan’ which released almost two decades back.

In an exclusive conversation with ANI, Ali said, “Umrao Jaan is a film that will not die even if people would want to kill it. I don’t think there can be comparison or competition between ‘Umrao Jaan’ and ‘Jaanisaar’. I never make a movie to make money. Umrao Jaan was not a movie that garnered crores at the box office yet it is an epic and I expect the same with ‘Jaanisaar’.”

Set in the year 1857, ‘ Jaanisaar’ is a love saga between a revolutionary courtesan in Awadh and a prince brought up in England.

The movie stars debutant Pernia Qureshi and Pakistani actor Imran Abbas in lead roles and is set to release on August 7.