Thursday , August 17 2017
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Why was I being hunted down like a ‘terrorist’, Bharti asks PM Modi

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Somnath Bharti who has been booked in a case of domestic violence, here on Wednesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of trying to ’embarrass’ the AAP by maligning his name, and also raised the question as to why was he being hunted down by the police as if he was a ‘terrorist’.

“I am available any time they want me, but my problem is that they were reduced to issuing an NBW against me. Besides that, they sent the police across the nation to hunt me down as if I am some kind of terrorist,” Bharti told the media here outside the Dwarka DCP office.

He added that given the urgent way the case was being treated, there should have been immediate action in the investigation the moment he interacted with the police, but it did not happen.

Training his guns on Prime Minister Modi, Bharti said that the former was relentless in his attempts to attack the AAP, in whatever way he could.

“Ever since Modi ji has lost Delhi elections, something has been pricking his heart and he is not able to suppress it, which is why time and again he is targeting the AAP,” Bharti said.

He further accused the Government of showing double standards when it came to handling their own ministers and people from other parties.

“Their Union Minister Nihal Chand has been charged with rape and the police have declared him as non-traceable. But he is walking around scot-free. I want to ask Modi ji as to why is this double standard being displayed,” Bharti said.

“On one hand you send the police throughout the nation to hunt me down and when I am willingly walking up to you, you don’t want do the investigation. So just stop the double play,” he added.

He also alleged that the strategy to target him had been planned and plotted in the Prime Minister’s Office and added that the police was helpless as they can’t help but follow the orders they have from the top.

Sending a message to Prime Minister Modi, Bharti said, “Treat everyone the same way. You are the PM and it is your responsibility that you ensure justice is doled out equally.”

Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi had said earlier that Bharti must stop blaming the police, and instead, he should respect women.

“There was no abetment from the police side. I advice Somnath Bharti that rather than putting allegations on his wife and the Delhi Police, he should respect women,” Bassi told media here.