Thursday , May 25 2017
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Why Aishwarya is keen on learning Arabic for “JAZBAA” dubbing

First it was Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan who was reportedly learning Urdu diction for his upcoming movie ‘Dishoom’. Now reports state that Aishwarya Rai will also be learning Arabic.
Aishwarya-starrer ‘Jazbaa’ will be released internationally which is why director Sanjay Gupta wants to dub the film in various languages. Ash has taken up the challenge of learning Arabic and dubbing her own lines.

“There are cuts of the film being readied, dubbed and released widely all across the UAE. It’s been dubbed in Arabic. We’re also dubbing it in other South American languages (Spanish and Portuguese) and English. So there are international cuts with a slighter shorter length that will be going out apart from the diaspora release,” quoted the director as saying.
According to Bollywood Hungama, a reliable source said, “Aishwarya feels another voice would ruin her performance in ‘Jazbaa’. And the film is very important to her, as she’s made a comeback after three years. She can’t afford to let anyone or anything spoil it for her.”

’Jazbaa’ would the first Indian film to be dubbed into Arabic. Explaining the reason for going so far out of the way for linguistic substance Gupta said, “This is for the huge Arabic market for Bollywood cinema. And we have the channel Zee Arabia as a platform to promote the film.”