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Who is a True Muslim?

A True Muslim is the one, whose…

1. Heart, mind and soul is completely surrendered and submitted to Allah (SWT).

2. Others are safe from his tongue and from his hand, he will not betray others by stealing, back biting or oppressing physically, financially, or by his tongue.

3. A Muslim is the one who does not change his words or his commitment and he says the truth. Halal as Halal and Haraam as Haraam. He always tries to be in state of Islam obeying Allah the maximum of his ability. A Muslim when he remembers Allah, his heart becomes humble and trembles, soft, his body shivers and his eyes fill with tears from the fear and love of Allah.

4. He believes in Allah and His Prophet [Sallellahu alaihi wa sallam], with knowledge and action. He is far away from wrong company and wrong doers. He keeps his word, he keep his covenant, his promises. He tries to seek the knowledge of Allah wa Rasooluhu in every action, in whatever he talks and whatever he does.

5. The believers are his friends, his brothers and his supporters.

6. He loves dignity and hates disgrace. He keeps his tongue with the truth and always walks with the light of the truth.

7. The Satan has no power over him but he is powerful over his own Satan. His submission to his Lord [swt] provides him with his own power, from the power of Allah [swt]

8. A Muslim loves for his brother what he loves for himself and hates for his brother what he hates for himself.

9. He decorates himself with the character, manner and the qualities Allah wa Rasooluhu love.

10. He tries to be a doer not a talker.

11. He makes sure, he advises himself, before he advises others. He look to his mistakes before he tries to correct others mistakes.

12. He is one from whom his neighbors feel safe and protected.

May Allah (SWT) grant us all with the above mentioned Qualities and make us a True Muslim (in sense and word).