Thursday , May 25 2017
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Who Killed Muhammed Akhlaq?

Reports about the killing of the 50-year old man in the Dadri town of U.P, Muhammed Akhlaq, said that it was a 200-strong mob that killed him as the victim’s family was suspected to have hoarded beef. The laboratory test conducted by the government said that it wasn’t cow meat. Out of the 200 people, little less than ten have been arrested. Let us now put this story in perspective:

Laboratory Tests

Indian constitution allows Indian citizen following any religion to practice his/her faith in a comprehensive and uncompromised manner. But the zest of the outrageous fringe elements to cause trouble is the order of the day and government is buckling under the pressure from these outfits resulting in violation of civil rights the constitution guarantees. As such, taking the food to the laboratory in order to verify the legitimacy of the allegations is a horror in itself, let alone the murder!

Government Apathy

The Union Minister, Mr. Mahesh Sharma showcased his mind numbing observations (yet again) by saying that it (the murder) was a ‘misunderstanding’. The Minister only stopped short of defending the murderers by saying that there are reports of illegal animal transportation and cow slaughter in that particular vicinity. Defending the incident, he said that it was not pre-planned but the (usual) action reaction process (a part of physics that is widely practiced by the BJP-backed groups over the years.)

Behold: Muslim Community

While ministers are reacting in the manner they are expected to, the muslim community needs to wake up from the slumber and be more assertive in their expression for the religious rights facilitated by the constitution of India. My food habits are no insult to someone else’s religion: the faster the muslim community asserts this stand to the non-muslims, the better it is for the Indian society and more are the chances for sanity to prevail. A healthy debate in the society would help; it would at least pave the way for pork and liquor as the next things to be banned because these commodities hurt muslims in some way. The ground situation would grow even more dreadful if the muslim community (smitten by the elephant in the room syndrome) continues to curl in ignorance and looks the other way.

Digital India or Dismal India

Globe trotting, chest beating, camera-crazy politicians should also care for the content that is going to be on the digital platforms. Digital India should showcase humane India to win the respect across the globe rather than being a butt of jokes on global news publishing platforms. If injustice continues to be the fate of a particular community, terms like digital India are purely marketing but of no value. Upholding justice and pluralism in the society provides thrust to the society and failing to deliver on these would result in commotion.

Who killed Muhammed Akhlaq?

Is it the 200-strong mob or the less than ten members who have been apprehended, or the priest who made the announcement of beef eating, or the politicians who make absurd comments, or the politicians who are selling bogus dreams, or the community which is inching towards extremism in exhibiting patience and restraint and being coy about speaking for their religious freedom and rights. Every entity seems to be playing active role in it.

From the blog of Mr. Syed Haseeb Ahmed