Saturday , May 27 2017
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When drunk Cop start harassing Women!

A drunken constable has been suspended for harassing and passing lewd comments on women on a busy road of Mumbai.

Pravin Nalawade a constable was creating panic among women by passing abusive comments on them. He was arrested on charges of harassment by the Mumbai Police.

According to report the victim was travelling in an auto rickshaw sees the drunken man making offensive comments on women.

The woman stopped the auto and confronted the policeman. The Constable allegedly pulled the woman out of the auto, abused her and even assaulted her. The incident took place on Monday night.

“I stopped the auto when he cat-called. When I confronted him he got abusive. I was shocked a policeman could behave like this. If the people, there hadn’t intervene he could have injured me seriously,” the woman said.

The passer-by caught hold of Nalawade, and called police. “It was surprising to see someone hurl abuses at a woman and assault her. When we asked him what he is doing he said he is a policeman and threatened us saying we will be in serious trouble if we intervened,” Witnesses told NDTV

Senior police officer Deven Bharti said: “A case has been registered against the constable and will be suspended.”