Tuesday , May 30 2017
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Website launched to slap Aamir Khan

Now the intolerance debate over Aamir Khan’s statement reached to a new height. A website has been launched to slap Mr. Perfectionist . The website slapaamir.com launched by a group of students of Miami Ad School.

Recently when the Shiv Sena’s Punjab unit offered Rs 1 lakh to anyone who dares to slap Aamir Khan, no one, including the party’s heads in Maharashtra took it seriously, but now two students from the Miami Ad School has made the website where you can ‘slap’ Khan.

Users of the website will be able to slap Aamir virtually. The website has a hand which allows you to slap, and even his face keeps changing with every slap. According to the site’s counter, over 3.5 lakh people had already ‘slapped’ Khan.

It is to be noted that 50-year-old Bollywood Star drew flak from BJP and Shiv Sena for expressing his view on Intolerance in India. He has been called an ISI agent, a Pakistani, a terrorist sympathizer and has been abused with many other names in last 10-15 days.

The students launched the site with a disclaimer which says, “Slapaamir.com” is for humor and creative purposes only and does not represent any political views of the people involved.

Please be tolerant of our humor.” Despite having claim the site is just meant for humor the students faced tremendous criticism across social media.

However the SlapAamir.com site is now showing a new avatar – Kiss Aamir.

The website was initially allowed its visitors to ‘slap’ Aamir Khan . Interestingly, now when a person visits the website in question, it automatically gets redirected to kissaamir.com.