Wednesday , August 23 2017
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We are letting the terrorist win by blaming Islam

Any time there is a terrorist attack in any developed part of the world, the immediate repercussion is to put blame on Muslims.

And as soon as the news of the attacks broke, innocent Muslims were targeted and the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims are expected to collectively apologize for something they’ve not done.

Though, they frequently lack evidence and practically nothing was known about the attackers but don’t miss an opportunity to demonize Muslims and refugees from Muslim-majority countries.

After the Paris attack, large numbers of Muslims took to twitter to express their denunciation with variants of “I am a Muslim. I condemn the Paris attack. Over 1.5 billion Muslims do.”

1.6 billion Mulsims living not only collectively blamed for such attacks; they, too, collectively bear the burden of the backlash.

The message of the Holy Quran is clear as we have seen that the sanctity of any human being is to be respected and any violation in that regard is paramount to the worst crime.

Mercy is at the heart of the Islamic call, “We sent thee (O Muhammad) not save as a mercy for the peoples” (21:107); a totally different message to what the terrorists is sadly communicating to humanity.

Terror comes in all sizes and shapes. From Hitler to Stalin to Mussolini, dictators have used absurd reasons to justify their dictatorship. Religion is just one of them.

Don’t forget that it is the Muslim community which is bearing the maximum brunt of IS terrorism and by blaming Muslims, the world is just helping the ISIS to accomplish their sadistic goals. Indeed, IS extremism kills more Muslims than any other group.

This one tweet goes over the main points exactly why you should never blame all Muslims for terrorism.

The deadly terror attack orchestrated by ISIS in Beirut, Lebanon on Thursday is an emblematic of that fact.

Muslims and refugees are most negatively impacted by IS extremism. But refugees aren’t terrorists; they’re running away from these extremist groups.

Only a tiny minority of Muslims actively support or participate in terrorism, but the entire Muslim community has to bear the burden.

So let’s stop pointing the finger at Muslims for things they are not responsible for.