Friday , May 26 2017
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Waqf Board takes over Dargah Hazrat Khitte Saliheen

Waqf Board has taken over Dargah Hazrat Khitte Saliheen located at Nampally. Waqf Board officials, in the presence of Revenue and Police officials, took possession of the Waqf property and appointed a supervisor for the same. Cases regarding this Waqf property were pending in the courts for long.

Chief Executive Officer Waqf Board Mohammed Asadullah revealed that Waqf Board has won the cases in the court. Permission needs to be sought from Waqf Board to conduct Urs in the Dargahs present in the premises. Waqf Board officials have sealed all major parts of the premises and also took control of the grains of the Dargah.

Sending a letter to HEH the Nizam Awqaf Committee, Chief Executive Officer made it clear that Nizam of Hyderabad had handed over the property to Waqf Board.

According to Chief Executive Officer the judgment regarding Waqf property located at Mahboob Mansion, Malakpet also came in favour of Waqf Board. Masjid and Ashurkhana are included in this Waqf property. Waqf Board will soon takeover this property as well.

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