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Wakf lands withdrawal of ownership by Revenue Dept. – CM instructs Secretary to review

Hyderabad: CM of Telangana State, Mr. KCR instructed the Secretary of the Dept. of Minorities Welfare to review the issue of withdrawal of ownership of Wakf land by Revenue Dept. The memorandum submitted by Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbeer, Congress MLC and leader of opposition has been forwarded to the Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare.


It may be noted that Mr. Shabbeer had made a representation to the CM that if Revenue Dept. takes back its claim on Wakf properties in Telangana, it will facilitate in disposing of the cases pending in High Court and Supreme Court. Earlier, the Dept. of Revenue had made a claim of ownership on the Wakf lands situated at Madhapur and Manikonda. A.P. Industrial Infrastructure Corporation had allotted these lands to LANCO Hills and other institutions. Actually, these lands belonged to Dargah Hazrath Husain Shah Wali (RA). In Manikonda, these wakf lands were allotted to LANCO Hills through an open auction. All these cases are pending with the Supreme Court.


The interesting thing is that on these wakf lands Revenue Dept. of the State Govt. is a party claiming ownership. State Govt. filed a case in the Supreme Court against Wakf Board.


It may be noted that TRS had promised the Muslims that it would withdraw the claim of ownership of Wakf lands in order to facilitate Wakf Board to get these lands.


It may be mentioned in 2003, the then TDP Govt. had allotted 735 acres of lands to various institutions. In June 2003, 108 acres of land belonging to Manikonda Jagir was allotted to A.P. Industrial Infrastructure Corporation for the construction of Cyber Park. In November 2004, APIIC invited tenders from private developers. In April 2005, land was allotted to LANCO Infra Tech at the rate of Rs. 4.27 crore per acre.


Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbeer quoted the references of various wakf land cases including the lands belonging to Dargah Hazrath Ishaq Madani (RA) situated at Vishakhapatnam. He mentioned that if the State Govt. withdraws its claims of ownership of these wakf lands, Wakf Board will be able to get its valuable properties back



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