Tuesday , May 30 2017
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Wakf Board to pursue against Lanco Hills Case in Supreme Court

Hyderabad: Wakf Board has acquired the services of noted legal expert, Mr. Fali S. Narimaan to pursue the case against Lanco Hills in Supreme Court. It is understood that necessary documents would be sent to him tomorrow. It may be noted that during Congress Regime, wakf property belonging to Dargah Hazrath Husain Shah Wali (RA) was sold out to Lanco Hills declaring it as Govt. property. Till now, Govt. maintained that it is its property. If the Govt. withdraws its claim, this property would automatically be recognized as wakf property.

It may be mentioned that recently, Lanco Hills released advertisement on a large scale for construction and sale of this property in which there is no description of this property as owned by Wakf Board. As per the Supreme Court orders, it was obligatory on the part of Lanco Hills to make a mention of Wakf property in the sale deeds and permission was granted for registration of properties subject to Supreme Court’s decision. It is reported that Lanco Hills did not comply with any of these conditions.

In its plea, Wakf Board would file a petition requesting the Supreme Court to issue direction to Lanco Hills to make a mention of wakf property in its advertisements. An appeal would also be made to Supreme Court to ensure the disposal of this case which is going on since 2013. The delay in the disposal of the case, would help Lanco Hills to continue its sale proceeds.

Secretary of the Dept. of Minorities Welfare told that after taking the advice of senior lawyers, all the documents and the copy of the appeal would be sent to Mr. Fali S. Narimaan. After scrutinizing these documents, Mr. Narimaan would file affidavit in Supreme Court as early as possible.

Meanwhile, the survey of Wakf properties under Dargah Hazrath Husain Shah Wali (RA) would e made to find out the lands sold out recently by Telangana Industrial Infrastructure Corporation.