Thursday , August 24 2017
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Volini signs Sania and Chhettri as brand ambassadors

Volini, a leading pain reliever, today signed tennis diva Sania Mirza and Indian football team captain Sunil Chhetri as its brand ambassadors.

The two sports personalities unveiled the brand’s latest offering, Volini Spray with 360 degree technology.

“This (new product) enables consumers to reach out to hard-to-reach areas without external assistance at every angle and provides effective relief,” a press release said.

Speaking about her association with Volini, world number one Sania said, “As an athlete, I understand the importance of an effective pain reliever as I battle pain all the time. I push myself to achieve the next level each time and Volini has been my go to pain reliever till now. Today, I am very delighted to be a part of such a trusted brand and its journey to relieve pain from people’s lives.”

Chhetri said, “The game is getting faster and faster and being a striker I rely on absolute flexibility in movement so it is great to see Volini come up with an innovation that takes care of 360 degree solution to instant pain relief; be on field or off field.”

Subodh Marwah, VP and Head, Global Consumer Healthcare, Sun Pharma said, “During research we learnt that when pain occurs in hard to reach areas, the spray can be inverted causing loss of medical formulation by upto 40% resulting in less relief from pain. Through our latest offering, Volini Spray with 360 technology we are addressing this problem, by providing more effective relief at every angle.