Saturday , May 27 2017
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Modi to visit Malaysia, Singapore to Strengthen Economic Ties

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that his upcoming visit to Malaysia is aimed at building on trade ties with East Asian nations while the trip to Singapore will focus on attracting investments to India.

Ahead of his visit tomorrow, in a series of Facebook posts, Prime Minister Modi said, his visits to both countries are focused to make the economic ties stronger and also to strengthen the security cooperation.

He said, the ASEAN-India and East Asia Summits are being held in Malyasia at a critical juncture and together the nations will discuss the pressing security issues.

He added that the looming threat of terror and the prevailing situation in West Asia will also be a part of the discussions.

Prime Minister Modi stressed on the need for closer economic cooperation and said that India’s partnership with ASEAN nations has gathered immense momentum over the years and India want to further scale up the trade and economic ties.

He said, ASEAN nations have welcomed India’s Act East Policy and India is extremely enthusiastic to have better relations with the ASEAN family in areas such as defence, security and cultural ties.

“Robust India-ASEAN ties will give great impetus to the collective dream of making this century an Asian Century,” he added.

With regard to the East Asia Summit, he said India attaches a lot of importance to it.

In Malaysia, Prime Minister Modi will hold talks with Prime Minister Najib Razak and some other world leaders who would be attending the Summits.

He said, “Malyasia is at the core of India’s Act East Policy. Since 2010, India has a strategic partnership with the country whose investments, including in various infrastructure projects are strong in India.India’s trade with Malaysia is also vibrant, particularly in commodities sector.”

In Malaysia, the Prime Minister will join the programme for the inauguration of Torana Gate, interact with Corporate Malaysia, visit the Ramakrishna Mission complex, inaugurate a statue of Swami Vivekananda and visit the Batu Caves Temple. He will also address the Indian diaspora.

In Singapore, Prime Minister Modi will hold deliberations with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on ways to enhance bilateral ties on the occasion of commemoration of 50th anniversary of the diplomatic ties.

Prime Minister Modi said the importance India attaches to ties with Singapore is immense.

“Singapore is a leading investor in India and several Indian companies are expanding their operations to Singapore.Singapore’s success is indeed noteworthy and their achievements in urban development, urban transport, waste management, development of ports and skill development are well known,” he added.