Sunday , August 20 2017
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Virgin Moms: Women Who’ve Never Had Sex Becoming Mothers

London, It must be shocking but hold on. “Virgin birth” is how women are being described in the 21st century who give birth to babies born via IVF and they’ve never had sex as reported by the Daily Mail.

Women feel that they want to be mothers, without needing to enter a relationship with a man or a marriage to do so.

A small subset of those women who seek out IVF treatments are actually virgins, and have never had sex with any man, but they aren’t letting that fact stop them from getting pregnant.

According to the report of Daily Mail, physicians have reported that a minimum of 25 women — heterosexual females — have undergone virgin births by making use of IVF treatments to get pregnant.

These 25 or more women have given birth to babies over the course of the past five years while still being virgins. Some of these women are going this route and still saving their virginity for the right man, whenever he comes along. Using the IVF treatments aren’t cheap, with the £5,000 price equaling $7,590 in U.S. dollars.