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Viquar, Yakoob Memon and now Yaseen Bhatkal?

Hyderabad: People and Departments are subservient to the Governments but there days, Governments have become subservient to an unknown force. According to a reliable sources, the Government of the day cannot neglect the specialist network group’s opinion. The latest example of it is the Alair encounter killings and hanging of Yakub Memon in Nagpur Jail. In Alair encounter, there was no scope for the under trial prisoners to save them but there was enough opportunity to save Yakoob Memon from hanging. However the specific lobby’s indication became the source of duty consciousness of the Government. Which is this coterie and for whom is it working and what is its purpose and to whom it wants to benefit?. In a democratic country, why are the Governments feel helpless in front of this coterie? According to intellectuals, the objective of this coterie is very clear. It pleases those who please it, otherwise it creates problems for the Governments. Such a coterie has shown its influence in Telangana State besides Central Government. The newly formed State of Telangana and its Chief Minister who believes in the welfare and development of the Muslims, why were they forced to bow down before this coterie?


Yakoob Memon was hanged in Nagpur jail,  although a noted lawyer was pleading his case. According to intellectuals, the situation before hanging was different. India has written down a new history. Supreme court of India held its sessions late at night. It heard the petition of Yakoob Memon and then rejected it. It was a sensational event, although his hanging was a decided affair. Yakoob Memon was not given 15 days time which is normally given to every prisoner whose mercy petition is rejected by the president of India. There was legal provision for Yakoob Memon to get 15 days time but he was hanged on the occasion of his birthday.


In Alair encounter, Viquaruddin and four other were killed by the police. In this case the quiet attitude of people’s elected representatives nullified its effect. When Viquaruddin and his companions were, another major encounter was held in which 20 suspected Red Sander smugglers were killed in Chittor. Investigations on Chittor encounter are in progress on a large scale whereas a Special Investigation Team was constituted to investigate about Alair encounter but there is no report about its functioning.


It is understood that the encounter which took place at the instance of the group from Delhi, has influenced to slow down investigations. Who is behind this group and what is its objective, it is a top secret but it may be reiterated that it is casting its influence on the Governments. It is capable of affecting the functioning of the Governments. There is an apprehension that after Alair encounter and Yakoob Memon’s hanging, the next target is presumed to be Yasin Bhatkal.



–Siasat News