Sunday , May 28 2017
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Video: Cruel wife caught beating ailing mother-in-law

Kaushambi, Allahabad:A video, which shows an UP woman ill-treating her paralysed mother-in-law, has gone viral on Youtube and social-networking sites.

The woman identified as Sarita from Manjhanpur village near Kaushambi, Allahabad,UP, is seen beating and slapping, hitting the old woman with a plate, trying to suffocate her by putting a bedsheet on her face and even dragging her off the cot.

The bed-ridden woman paralysed for the last six months and is incapable of even responding to the blows.

The video was captured by a CCTV camera, which Sarita’s husband Jhallar had quietly installed in the room.

Jhallar had seen injury marks on his mother’s body and suspected his wife of torturing his mother. Therefore, to catch her red-hand, he had installed the CCTV.