Saturday , May 27 2017
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US security assistance to Pakistan promotes ‘inter-operability’

Karachi: A week before Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to Washington, the United States has said that it would continue its security assistance to the country as it promotes ‘inter-operability’ between both nations to counter terrorism.

According to the Dawn, the US State Department has issued a fact sheet on its ties with Pakistan highlighting cooperation between the two countries in various fields.

The department explains that the assistance is focused to strengthen the capabilities of Pakistan’s security forces to counter terrorism and insurgency.

The assistance, which promotes inter-operability with the US, has directly supported Pakistan’s counter terrorism operations, it added.

The fact sheet shows that the US has provided USD 265 million in Foreign Military Financing to Pakistan this year to develop Islamabad’s long-term security capabilities, particularly in the tribal areas. (ANI)