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US CEOs to relish cuisine based on `Indian festivals`

New York, Sept. 25 : The top 47 American CEOs, who have been invited for dinner by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Waldorf Astoria here on Thursday, will relish foods based on various festivals of India.

The foods for the dinner, prepared by chef Vikas Khanna, will include Sandalwood Saffron Sherbet, Pomegranate Sangria With Tandoori Pineapple, Paneer Ravioli, Thandai Chicken, Mizoram Black Rice Khichdi, Saffron Sheermal, Mango-Ginger Soup and Coconut Rice Creme Brulee.

At the dinner with the CEOs, the Prime Minister will hold talks with them on business and investment in India. It has been reported that the collective worth of the CEOs is 4.5 trillion dollars.

The dinner-talk will be moderated by Fortune Editor Alan Murray.

Prominent among the CEOs who will converse with PM Modi are Ford, Lockheed Martin, Citigroup, Dupont, Goldman Sachs, BlackStone, Boeing, Cargill, Starwood, Paypal and IBM. (ANI)