Sunday , July 23 2017
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Uruguay will help Syrian refugees reach another country

Montevideo (Uruguay): Even as tens of thousands of Syrians are desperately fleeing their homeland, at least five Syrian families are eager to leave a country that gave them shelter.

Uruguay’s president says his administration will try to help the families each another country.

Uruguay welcomed the 42 refugees fleeing Syria’s civil war in October 2014. But they protested this week outside the presidency, demanding authorities help them leave for other countries, saying Uruguay is too expensive.

President Tabare Vazquez said yesterday that Uruguay has reached out to Lebanon because that’s where the refugees would like to go. Since Lebanon is not willing to welcome them, his government is asking the five families to choose another country.

The refugees lack passports from their home country, and cannot get Uruguayan ones because they are not citizens. Uruguay has provided them with local IDs and travel documents, but not all countries recognize them.