Wednesday , May 24 2017
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“Undisciplined Hajj pilgrims” caused Stampede: Saudi Health Minister

Mina (Saudi Arabia): Khaled al-Falih, Health Minister of Saudi Arabia blamed that the stampede was caused by Hajj pilgrims. Had they followed instructions, it could have been avoided. He said that the reason behind the stampede is “undisciplined pilgrims”. However, he promised for fast and transparent investigation.

Meanwhile, Officials of Saudi Press Agency reported that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia ordered an enquiry for the Hajj stampede. After the investigation, report will be submitted to King Salman who will take appropriate steps.

According to hospital sources, the incident occurred the Jamarat Bridge during stoning. A group of pilgrims coming from the other side collided with another group that was moving in the opposite direction.

A Sudanese pilgrim in Mina said that this year’s Haj was the most poorly organised of the four he had attended.

Yesterday’s tragedy occurred after the collapse of crane engaged in construction in Grand Mosque of Makkah which killed 108 persons on 11th September.