Saturday , November 26 2016
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Unani medicine fast gaining popularity around the globe

unani medicine

Unani medicine fast gaining popularity around the globe. Unani doctors of India, especially Hyderabad can benefit from this situation. Specialists in Unani medicine are welcomed in western countries, South Africa and Sri Lanka alternative medicine. The popularity of alternative and complementary medicine is growing rapidly hence Unani doctors can grab this opportunity.

Dr. Syed Asaduddin Ahmed presently residing in Sharjah, told this during a special meeting. He told that Unani medicine is being accepted in several countries outside India hence BUMS students have a lot of scope. He further informed that BUMS doctors can appear in eligibility test conducted by Health Ministry of United Arab Emirates on quarterly basis and get license. Compounder of a Unani doctor gets around 4000 dirham monthly while doctors can easily get 5000 dirham.

Dr. Syed Asaduddin Ahmed told that he runs Al-Hijama Alternative Medical Centre in Sharjah where patients are treated through Unani medicine besides Hijama. For information regarding scopes in foreign countries for BUMS doctors email to [email protected] or

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