Sunday , July 23 2017
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Act severely against Sectarian harassment: UK PM, What about India’s PM?

LONDON: For the first time, police in England and Wales will record anti-Muslim hate crimes as a separate category.

PM of UK says, “I want to build a national coalition to challenge and speak out against extremists and the poison they peddle. I want British Muslims to know we will back them to stand against those who spread hate and to counter the narrative which says Muslims do not feel British”.

“We all have a role to play in confronting extremism. That’s why I have invited important Muslim and non-Muslim figures to join the new Community Engagement Forum, so I can hear directly about their work in our communities, the challenges they face and so that they can be part of our One Nation strategy to defeat it,” Cameron said

“And I want police to take more action against those who persecute others simply because of their religion,” he added.

Muslim groups in UK welcomed the government’s decision that police forces across the country will be obliged to record the data on anti-Muslim hate crimes.

Indian Muslims too needs such security against fundamentalist who are frequently harassing and playing with the lives of innocent Muslims. But Alas PM Modi is maintaining silence.

On Dadri lynching PM maintained silence for long, and after a lot pressure he came with two sentences.

“The Dadri incident and the opposition to Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali are sad and undesirable. But what is the role of the central government in these incidents?, PM said.

Did PM Cameron say the same thing? Even Cameron is PM for entire UK like our PM. Then why PM Modi can’t provide security to Indian Muslims who were equally involved in Freedom movement, and who choose to remain Indians.