Sunday , August 20 2017
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Two held for killing 45-year-old widow

New Delhi:Two persons were apprehended today for the alleged murder of a 45-year-old woman at her workshop in east Delhi’s Vinod Nagar area.

The accused, whose names were not disclosed by the police, had a personal dispute with Nisha Khan, said Joint Commissioner of Police (East) Sanjay Benniwal.

Khan was a widow and lived with her teenage children at West Vinod Nagar locality. She owned a small-time book binding workshop in the ground floor of her residence, said police.

On Wednesday afternoon, two persons, who were known to Khan, came to her workshop and they were last seen having a conversation, they said.

While one of Khan’s employees was asked to arrange tea for the guests, the other was sitting with them. Suddenly, one of the guests pulled out a knife and allegedly slit Khan’s throat, asking the employee present there to turn around, said police.

However, the employees ended up becoming the prime suspects during the initial phase of the investigation as the police had found a blood-stained knife from Khan’s residence and blood spots on the shirt of the employee, who had claimed to be the prime witness in the case so far, said police.

However, things took a different turn when the police obtained CCTV grabs from nearby premises and spotted two persons approaching towards Khan’s workshop. A team was formed and a manhunt was launched, police added.