Tuesday , December 6 2016
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Two boys murdered suspected as human sacrifice ritual

child murder

Two boys from Dharwad district, Shirakol village of Navalgund taluk have been brutally mudered . The murder is suspected to be a case of human sacrifice as part of a witchcraft-related ritual.

Nagaraj Shirasangi, 13, and his brother Akash Shirasangi, 9, children of farmer Irappa Shirasangi were missing on September 26. After searching them for two days, Shirasangi lodged a complaint to Navalgund police.

The bodies of two were spotted near the stream on Tuesday morning. The head of one body was missing, both legs had been severed off the other.

The police have filed a case and investigation is in progress. Vamsi Krishna Dharwad SP C said “it had not been established whether it was a case of murder. But the manner of killing led to a suspicion that they could have been ‘sacrificed’’.

But we cannot confirm anything until our investigations are completed he said.