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Twitter reacts to `Sanskari James Bond`

Washington D.C., Nov. 19 : After the censor board has slashed 50 percent of the kissing scenes and some swearwords in the latest franchise of Bond, ‘Spectre,’ Twitter has reacted very sharply and they just can’t stop trolling ‘#SanskariJamesBond.’

Here are some of the funniest tweets.

“I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when billi rasta kaat gayi. #SanskariJamesBond,” posted Billo.

“#SanskariJamesBond has a small idol of Ganeshji on the dashboard of his Aston Martin,” posted another Twitter user.

“Villan- Come in Mr. James Bond, I’ve been expecting you. Bond- Ji joote kahan uttaru? #SanskariJamesBond,” said a Bond fan.

“#SanskariJamesBond will ride a bullet proof Rath, will wear dhoti, will drink branded Mutra and will touch heroine’s feet to turn her on,” said ROFL.

“#SanskariJamesBond eats dahi shakkar before leaving home when he goes on a mission,” Muskaan said.

“# SanskariJamesBond seduces women by lighting aggarbattis in his bedroom and then introduces them to his Mom,” said Purba. (ANI)