Thursday , May 25 2017
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Trump’s counsel backs his ‘9/11’ claim, says he’s ‘probably’ right

Washington: In a move to silence the furore over Donald Trump’s claim that he saw American Muslims in New Jersey celebrating post the 9/11 attacks, his chief counsel has backed him, saying the 2016 presidential candidate was ‘probably right’ about what happened.

According to CNN, Trump has asserted that he saw American Muslims on TV, celebrating after the Twin Towers fell on September 11, 2011. However, following thorough investigation by the police, no record of such footage has been found suggesting that ‘thousands’ celebrated on the tragic day.

On Tuesday, Trump’s chief counsel, Michael Cohen, stood by the comments despite the fact that there’s no evidence to back up the claims and that accuracy matters in a presidential race.

“He’s probably right. There’s no way to say that it wasn’t. Whether it’s thousands and thousands or 1,000 people or even just 1 person, it’s irrelevant. To celebrate this tragedy … it’s wrong”, Cohen said while asserting that Trump was making a broader point about enemies within the United States.

Cohen added that an immeasurable number of Trump’s ‘millions and millions of followers’ on social media also recalled seeing the same thing as Trump. (ANI)