Saturday , May 27 2017
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TRS wants to enter universities through backdoor – Congress alleges

Hyderabad: Telangana Congress Committee condemned the attempts of TRS to enter the university administration through backdoors. It demanded to review the decision of appointing chancellors and to cancel GOs 28 and 29.

Addressing a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan, spokesman of Congress Committee, Dr. Shravan Kumar told that by amending the universities acts, TRS Govt. wants to enter University administration through backdoors. It is making an attempt to link education with politics and it also wants to appoint its favorites as Chancellor of State Universities. It issued GOs 28 and 29 for this purpose. Congress Party strongly condemns this attempt. Universities are facing financial crises due to non-release of educate funds. By appointing chancellors and by providing them bungalows, staff, car and other facilities, Govt. wants to overburden the university finances. In addition to this, Govt. is trying to manipulate syllabuses by distorting historical facts. It is trying to provide misinformation to the students. It is neglecting the services of the torch bearers of Telangana Movement like Dr. Jai Shanker, Dr. Kodandaram and Revolutionary poet, Gaddar. Mr. KCR is trying to include his deeds in the curriculum of the universities.

The Congress Spokesman further said that by overlooking educational experts, Govt. is trying to appoint its unemployed supporters as Chancellors of State Universities. It is unacceptable to Congress Party and hence it strongly opposes this attempt.

–Siasat News