Saturday , May 27 2017
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TRS Govt neglecting welfare of 90% population: CPI-M

CPI-M Telangana State secretary Thammineni Veerabhadram here on Sunday said the TRS government was not taking any measures for the welfare of poor and weaker sections, who, constitute 90 per cent in the Telangana population.


Speaking at the Telangana State party convention here, Veerabhadram said there was no link between the promises made by the ruling party on the eve of last Assembly elections and the schemes being implemented by the government now. The unabated suicides by the distressed farmers in the State is the best example to prove that the welfare schemes to uplift the poor and downtrodden sections were on sick bed, he added.


Stating that development of agriculture and industrial sectors was inevitable for overall development of the State, the CPI-M leader said the agriculture sector was in great crisis due to the negligent attitude of the State government. Besides unsavoury situation in the State, the country’s economic policies were also responsible for the people’s woes, he added.


Thammineni also pointed out that while the State’s revenue was Rs 4,000 crore, half of the income was being spent on the salaries of the government employees. While this is so, the Chief Minister’s proclamations that he would develop the State on all fronts, was not possible, he said, adding that the TRS government was not applying its mind to the welfare of the have-nots. (NSS)