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Tripura: Royal legacy continues with Ker Puja celebrations

Agartala, Aug 8 : Ker Puja, a centuries-old tribal custom in Tripura, is being celebrated here with zest and commitment.

The Puja is celebrated within the royal palace premises and draws financial support from the state government.

“Fourteen days after the Kharchi Puja in the 14 goddess temple on any Saturday or Tuesday Ker puja starts. Within a specific demarcated area the rituals are performed. During the royal period, the demarcated area was big, from 14 goddess temple (Old Agartala) to new Agartala. But now, this has been reduced and covers the area around the 14 goddess temple and the area around the palace,” said royal priest Sambhu Bhattacharjee.

The festival, which includes offerings and sacrifices, was initiated by the Tripura kings.

During the course of the festival, entrances to the capital are closed, and participants are barred from wearing shoes, dancing or singing. (ANI)