Thursday , May 25 2017
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Togadia demands two child norm across the country

New Delhi:  VHP today cited the Census figure to allege that the “extinction” of Hindus could happen due to the “population jihad” of Muslims and demanded the implementation of two-child norm across the country.

VHP Working President Pravin Togadia said there was a lop-sided growth in the population of Muslims and slide in Hindu population.

“A serious extinction seems to be on the anvil. And it is of Hindus. There is method in the systematic growth of Muslims,” he said in an article in RSS mouthpiece ‘Organiser’, pointing out that the share of Hindus had come below 80 per cent from 84 in 1951 while Muslims grew to over 14 per cent from under 10 in the same period.

Togadia has been accused by critics in past for his alleged communal statements, targeting minorities.

Claiming that change in the demography is change in the nation, he claimed the implementation of uniform civil code is a must.

“Now, if we do not stand up against the ‘Population Jihad’, Bharat will soon be an Islamic state. It is also must to strictly implement two children norm irrespective of the political pressures … The latest Census figures are a wake-up call,” Togadia said.