Thursday , May 25 2017
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Time for ‘ghar wapsi’: VHP advises A.R. Rahman to re-convert

Vishwa Hindu Parishad on Wednesday asked noted music director A.R. Rahman, whose composition for a film on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has invited a fatwa against him, to re-convert to Hinduism, saying it was time for his “ghar-wapsi.”

VHP joint general secretary Surendra Jain said Hindus will “welcome” the noted composer with open arms.

“The fatwa against Rahman is very unfortunate and what is more unfortunate is the language of revenge in it… He composed music for a film not on the basis of any religion.

“I will appeal to Rahman… he should return, he should do ghar-wapsi. The Hindu society is waiting for its son. We will not only welcome him with open arms but also ensure that no harm is done to him irrespective of how many fatwas are issued,” Mr. Jain told reporters.

‘Ghar-wapsi’ has been a controversial programme run by certain Hindu groups aimed at ‘re-converting’ Muslims and Christians back to Hinduism.

Mumbai-based Raza Academy had objected to the film Muhammad: Messenger of God — directed by Iranian director Majid Majidi and music composed by Rahman — and issued a fatwa against both, calling the movie against Islam.

Rahman has said he composed the music “in good faith and with no intention to cause offence.”