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A tight slap on Love Jihad ideologue as Meerut so called victim goes with husband

Meerut: In July last year, an alleged case of abduction, gangraped of a 22-year-old Hindu teacher by 10 men at a madrassa and forcibly converted to Islam drew a huge media glaze.

A story of “Islamist” conspiracy of “Love Jihad” was making noticeable by Hindutva outfits alleging that young Muslim boys target young girls belonging to non-Muslim communities and forcibly convert them to Islam.

Several BJP leaders, including Gorakhpur MP Yogi Adityanath, the then BJP’s bypoll campaign in-charge in the State, took up the issue as just one example as political campaign to polarises life at the grassroots level and helps to make sure that Hindus act as a vote-bank for the BJP.

Interestingly, this controversial issue was part of BJP President Amit Shah’s strategy and one of its key agendas which collapsed blatantly.

Finally, ‘Jihad’ failed and ‘love’ won in Meerut.

After being lodged at the Naari Niketan [government facilities for women] for more than a year, the young woman left for the home to stay with her Muslim lover forever.

Admission of truth by girl

Only two months after the allegations of ‘love jihad’, the young woman said that politicians like Vineet Agarwal of the BJP had been offering money to her family when the case was against Kaleem the so called ‘rapists’ was on.

And when the money stopped flowing in, her own family, which could not digest the fact that she, was in a relationship with that Kaleem, a resident of Uldhan village in Meerut.

She admitted to the “truth” that her own family had forced her to make the false allegations against Kaleem.

The young woman’s lawyer, Krishna Kumar, told TOI, “The 10 men against whom the case was filed are out on bail. The way things are going, there is a good chance all 10 will get a clean chit and the case will be shut.”

Asked of his reactions to these developments, MP Yogi Adityanath told TOI, “I don’t know what the latest is on this case and cannot comment till I gather all the information.”