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TIFF with husband,5 children’s were thrown into tank, 3 dead

Hassan ,Karnataka: A mother reportedly threw her five children into a tank near Javagal in Arasikere and then committed suicide Sunday, August 30.

However, 2 daughters managed to survive.

The mother Indramma, was upset after quarreling with her husband and hence took the extreme step of killing her children and committing suicide, the police said.

The deceased are Indramma (34), Rakshitha (4), Keshav (2) and Baby (1).

Hemavathi (7) and Chaitra (6) survived as they managed to climb up the tank bund and ran to tell their father Putta Bovi, what happened. The bodies were recovered on Monday morning.

Hemavati and Chaitra said that their parents had quarreled on Sunday. They added that their mother had told them that they had to die as she could not take care of them and as she could not tolerate father’s torture anymore.

Putta Bovi had recently injured his leg and was not able to work in the field which put the entire responsibility of running the family on his wife. This was one of the main reasons why she took the extreme step, said the police.

The post-mortem was done on Monday. A case has been registered by the Javagal police.

Sources: UE(Fikrokhabar/Sources)