Saturday , May 27 2017
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THub is cutting edge environment for Startup ecosystem: TITA

Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) has congratulated the Telangana government for inaugurating Technology Hub (T-Hub) Foundation. TITA also appreciated Telangana IT Department and IT Minister K. T Rama Rao for their efforts to establish India’s largest Technology Incubator ‘T-Hub Foundation’.

Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) said that T-Hub Foundation, an initiative from Government of Telangana came into existence to develop a sustainable ecosystem and to nurture the innovation and entrepreneurial culture for startups. “Hyderabad will soon be the home to a business incubator. Technology Incubators like T-Hub will provide real payback to the start-up community. T-Hub will be one of the best economic development tools a city like Hyderabad can employ.” said TITA Founder & Global President Sundeep Kumar Makthala.

“The whole idea of mentorship support for aspiring entrepreneurs provided with whole ecosystem platform is really a relatively new thing. T-Hub is entirely a unique initiative that there’s really nobody in India who’s doing to this extent what Telangana Government doing. It’s a win-win for communities with a successful incubator. The initiatives like T-Hub Foundation not only supports startups in their early years, but those new business owners tend to stay in the same community adding jobs as their businesses grow.” said Makthala.

“Starting up a new tech business is never easy, with many challenges abound. Now, Telangana Government has simplified the things with such initiatives like T-Hub Foundation providing maximum support for upcoming entrepreneurs till they hit the big time in the market with their product. It’s now up to the youth with fresh minds to turn their winning concepts into functioning businesses.” said Vice Presdient Ranapratap Bojjam.

“Very soon, Parents of young engineers will be asking their children ‘What’s your Start up idea?’ rather than asking about the status of their campus interviews. We are very excited to see such great initiatives like T-Hub turning into reality in very short time. We are enormously grateful to the Telangana IT Minister K. Taraka Rama Rao”, said TITA Vice President Naveen Reddy Gaddam. (NSS)