Tuesday , May 30 2017
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IS threatened to attack Saudi Arabia for “colluding with crusaders”

Doha: When Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has said that it had established a 34-state Islamic military coalition to target the militants. The militant Islamic State (IS) group threatened to attack Saudi Arabia for “colluding with crusaders.”

The oil rich country described the militants as “morons and fools” In a weekly publication documenting its military activities, and the king has said the headquarter will be established in Riyadh to coordinate mutual anti-terrorism assistance across the Islamic world.

“With permission from Allah, this alliance will be the beginning of the collapse of the governments of the oppressive tyrants in the lands of Islam,” said an article entitled “Mohammed bin Salman’s alliance of surprised allies”.

There was a confusion over the coalition’s role, among its own members, that Saudi Arabia solidify its claim to leadership of the Sunni world against Shia Iran.

In the another article several Syrian rebel groups are criticised in a recent meeting in Riyadh which it said proved they were “disbelievers”.

Saudi Arabia has been hit by a series of deadly shootings and bomb attacks this year, many of them laid at the door of Islamic State.

The group is bitterly opposed to Gulf Arab rulers and is seen as trying to stir up sectarian confrontation on the Arabian peninsula to bring about the overthrow of the ruling dynasties.