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The thought of demolishing OGH is sin – Prominent citizens of Hyd. protest

Hyderabad: Prominent citizens of Hyderabad city are very much irritated on the proposals of Mr. KCR to demolish Osmania General Hospital. These personalities include representatives from Hyderabadi culture, intellectuals, authors, professors and doctors. Not only in the minds of Hyderabadis but also among the NRIs of Hyderabad, this question is making rounds whether this historic architectural monument constructed by Nawab Meer Osman Ali Khan, should be demolished?


Siasat Urdu Daily put this question to the renowned personality of Hyderabad, Nawab Shah Alam Khan, Chairman of Anwar-ul-Uloom Education Society. He categorically said “certainly not”. He further told that OGH is one among the very beautiful buildings of India. It is a gift of the VII Nizam of Hyderabad. The buildings of OGH, High Court, City College and Asifia Library constructed on the banks of Mosi River are the architectural monuments. He said that he was aggrieved with the plans of demolition proposed by CM of Telangana Mr. KCR. He pointed out that there are many open lands available in Hyderabad City where CM can construct bigger hospitals as per his plans. Nawab Shah Alam Khan also told that during the pre-independence days, British nurses used to work in OGH. In the past, Dr. Hunt, Dr. Bahadur Khan, Dr. Bankat Chandra and Dr. Shah Nawaz worked in this hospital. He further told that such a building cannot be constructed again. Siasat Urdu Daily also contracted another representative personality of Hyderabadi culture and an activist of Urdu language and literature, Ms. Lakshmi Devi Raj. She expressed her anxiety over the proposals of demolition of OGH. She lamented that it is very regrettable that people do not know what cultural heritage is. Everything is being destroyed in the name of Vastu. She also told that half of the city has disappeared and it has become the graveyard of concrete. We have started emulating America. In the olden days, buildings used to be constructed according to season and environment. OGH was also constructed according to the seasonal requirements. It has no parallel in the entire world. She said that people do not require box type buildings but a spacious building like OGH which is well ventilated. She expressed her anxiety over the plans of the Govt. for demolition of OGH. She suggested that instead of demolishing it, repairs could be undertaken. If it is renovated, it would be better. She cited the example of Qutub Shahi Tombs which are more than 400 years old. After renovation, they are looking better. She mentioned that OGH is the identification of Hyderbadi culture. Its demolition tantamount to vanishing the culture of Hyderabad.


Another Veteran personality of Hyderabad, Ms. Fatima Alam Ali Khan who is a renowned Urdu writer told that today, Govt. is planning to demolish OGH, tomorrow it will also start demolishing other historical monuments.


Noted Physician, Dr. Ram Prashad told that thinking of demolishing OGH is a sin. It should not be demolished. In his opinion, OGH and Osmania Medical College have no parallel in the entire world. He mentioned that the name of famous physician, Dr. Bahadur Khan is associated with OGH whose name is quoted in the medical textbooks of Britain. He threatened that if OGH is to be demolished, he would protest along with other Osmanian doctors.



–Siasat News