Tuesday , July 25 2017
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Telangana youth accuses police of illegal detention

The Telangana youth, who was caught near border area ahead of Independence day, today alleged that Jaisalmer Police kept him under illegal detention for a week, a charge denied by the police.

27-year-old Akram Feroze was interrogated jointly by intelligence agencies after being picked up on August 13 and was arrested on August 20 under Section 151 of CrPC for allegedly creating nuisance in police station.

“I was in Ramgarh area when police picked me and kept me till August 20. I was later sent to judicial custody and was granted bail last evening.

“They told me that they picked me on the basis of suspicion but what is suspicion they did not define,” Feroze told reporters here.

“Local people in Ramgarh (Jaisalmer) said that permission is required to visit areas close to the border, which I had curiosity to see.

“But before I was granted permission, I was picked up,” he claimed.

The youth said that he has visited several states including Kashmir as a “peace activist and had pictures of different places and the police questioned why I had those pictures of Army camps.”

“I have no agenda, I just work for peace and travel from place to place. My local police station in Telangana also verified my credentials when I was taken into custody,” he said.

When contacted, DGP Manoj Bhatt said that the youth was picked ahead of the Independence day from near border area.

“Intelligence agencies conducted joint interrogation of that person,” Bhatt told PTI.

SP Jaisalmer Rajiv Pachar rejected the allegation of illegal detention and said that it was the period when various intelligence agencies interrogated him.

He said that a central interrogation is pending against him and that he would be held in Jaipur.

“Whenever central agencies would require him, he would be called,” he said.